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Protecting our users is at the heart of everything, any cookies used on our sites will not contain personally identifiable information about you. Cookies are small text files which help companies to improve user experience; they are placed on your computer by websites or sometimes by emails. Certain cookies are necessary in order for you to use our websites. They’re not stored on your computer and they don’t contain any personal data. You may chose to delete them via your browser, but this will restrict the functions that you’re able to carry out on our sites. Session cookies enable you to carry out some essential functions on our sites, such as maintaining log in details for the session or a transaction. They also help by minimising the need to transfer information across the internet. They are not stored on your computer and they expire when you terminate your browser session. Tracking cookies enable us to make improvements to our sites. Some cookies are supplied by our business partners and help us to filter out irrelevant messages or pop-ups and to make sure that we only send you information that’s interesting and relevant to you. Some non-essential cookies are used for analytical purposes. We use Google Analytics to make improvements to our sites. Google also reserve the rights to the data collected. You can accept or block cookies. By using our websites you agree that we can place both essential and non-essential cookies on your device. You can block any cookies from any website through your browser settings.

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